About Pam Grant MA, LPC, NCC

My path has has been an adventure! Besides a degree in Clinical Counseling, an LPC license and a being a Nationally Certified Counselor, I have a life of experiences from getting a degree in Geology, to being a mom, getting divorced, moving around the country, being a hairstylist for many years to living in the south for 10 years. These events have lead me to be a out of the box person and a  good therapist with ethical boundaries that I follow.  I am a passionate person who wants to help you have the sense of well being that you deserve.


I  enjoy a  therapeutic relationship with my clients, meaning; working side by side with you. My job is to help you feel better and this I am confident comes from within you with my assistance.

Empowerment and acceptance of self creates more freedom than you can imagine.   

Creative Aspect 

Good therapy is an often unpredictable human encounter that requires something more than simply following someone else’s clinical blueprint.

That is why I believe creativity in therapy is a way to supercharge problem-solving. It makes me a better listener, collaborator, and healer.


The populations I have gained expertise with are teens, college students and the parents who have teens and college students.  

I enjoy individual therapy sessions as well as working with couples who want to improve their relationship and learn how to develop consummate love rather than thinking a divorce is the answer because the love isn't felt anymore.